Colonoscopy: Getting less difficult for patients

August 26th, 2010 by gelenberg Leave a reply »

“Physician, heal thyself.” I try to remember that admonition. And live it. I’m a better doctor for my patients and offer more to my loved ones when I’m healthy. So while I encourage my patients to eat well, exercise, employ sleep hygiene, and get regular checkups, I also try to follow my own advice.

Today I underwent a routine screening colonoscopy. It takes about a day and a half out of my schedule, and no one calls it fun. But technological and pharmacologic advances over the 16 years since my first have made it less cumbersome and uncomfortable. And it sure beats getting colon cancer. I use every opportunity I can to encourage my residents, staff, and faculty to take care of themselves by practicing safety, healthy living, and routine preventive care.


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