Do You Read Me?

May 27th, 2011 by gelenberg Leave a reply »

Doctors are blessed with a broad array of ways to stay current in our field these days: so many formats, so many platforms for reading. But not reading (or at least getting new knowledge via audio) is not an option. Not staying current would be unthinkable. Or it should be.

I am not the only medical educator concerned that many medical students and residents are not reading, or not reading enough. Some medical students read the “Cliffs notes” instead of texts in Psychiatry, Medicine, Pediatrics, etc. Many residents take shortcuts or believe they can absorb enough knowledge by practice (including unsupervised moonlighting), supervision, and “osmosis” to get by. And despite recertification requirements and CME, I run into numerous practitioners who are not keeping current with their specialties.

The challenge falls on faculties—of undergraduate and graduate medical education—and on physicians who create regulations on continuing education. I don’t want my loved ones treated by doctors who aren’t up to date.

-Alan J. Gelenberg, M.D.
Editor, Biological Therapies in Psychiatry
Shively/Tan Professor and Chair, Psychiatry, Penn State University
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry


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