Psychiatrist Administrator II

November 8th, 2010 by gelenberg Leave a reply »

In a previous blog, I mentioned the challenges involved when a clinician is transformed overnight into an administrator—and how to begin facing them by admitting , “I don’t know.” In this blog and a few to follow, I will share some of the key lessons I’ve learned in the “School of Hard Knocks.”

Be organized and efficient. In fact, if orderliness and organization aren’t your strong suit, say “no” when asked to take on a management role—even if the increment in pay is tempting. You will have to be able to sort “wheat from chaff” swiftly and effectively, to respond in a timely manner (not precipitously, but not delaying too long), to give prompt feedback, and to reach good decisions without much delay. Most of us get better over time—if we start with basic executive skills. Be judicious about the use of electronic and other means of communication. Don’t get caught in long emails, but always respond to constituents promptly and with courtesy. And always be respectful.

More to come….


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