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July 2009

Antipsychotics in Dementia Patients: More Data on Risk
Several studies found a higher risk of adverse events and death in dementia patients prescribed antipsychotics.

DBS: Research Continues
Deep brain stimulation may benefit patients with treatment-resistant depression but carries a risk of serious adverse events.

In Brief
Prenatal Vitamin D Deficiency May Play a Role in Schizophrenia; Depression May Decrease Bone Mineral Density

Ginkgo Biloba: Another Negative Trial in Dementia
In a double-blind trial, Ginkgo biloba did not provide benefit and elevated the risk of stroke in dementia patients.

Comparing Antidepressants
Among new-generation antidepressants, sertraline (Zoloft and others) may be the best first-line medication.

Comparing Antidepressants

July 2009

To receive the imprimatur of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the regulatory agencies of other countries, a pharmaceutical compound must be safe and efficacious. However, it is difficult to assess relative efficacy and tolerability among compounds prescribed for the same indication. Antidepressant…

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