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March 2008

Topiramate for Alcohol Dependence
Topiramate (Topamax) has been found to be beneficial in treating alcohol dependence.

Early Intervention for Schizophrenia: A Role for Antidepressants?
Antidepressants may reduce the transition from a prodrome of pre-psychosis to schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals.

In Brief
Duloxetine Approved for GAD; Depression in Parkinson’s Disease; Asthma Linked to Psychiatric Disorder

Adjunctive Antipsychotics for MDD
Patients with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder may benefit from the addition of second-generation antipsychotics to an antidepressant medication regimen.

Antipsychotics in Youth with Schizophrenia
Early-onset schizophrenia-spectrum disorder requires long-term antipsychotic treatment, but children and adolescents are sensitive to antipsychotic side effects and should be monitored carefully.

Antipsychotics in Youth with Schizophrenia

March 2008

Only about 1% of adults with schizophrenia have a first onset of psychotic symptoms before age 13 years.1 The incidence then increases sharply between ages 12 and 14 years. As many as one-third of adults with schizophrenia have early-onset schizophrenia-spectrum (EOSS) disorder, defined…

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